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Hello, I am Rose Goldthorp. I was born in 1998. This is me at the Auckland zoo., and what you see here as a kind of vlog that I have been putting together since I was 10. For more recent stuff, use the nav bar.

I have always been interested in films for as long as I can remember. It started as the usual enjoyment of entertainment, but I loved watching the set-ups and other features on the DVDs. The organisation, hard work and fun that went into making films had me goggling for hours.

To make most of these, I used Sony handycams (first with minDV and now fully digital) and Sony Vegas to make AVI versions and then used the Flash 8 video encoders to squash them right down for the web, so don't be upset by the graininess and the aspect ratio.

For my feature films, however, I have a bigger camera, now: a Panasonic (from all my birthday and Christmas presents combined forever!).

15 Years Old

I was working on my 1st feature (Watcher) and started on my 2nd feature (Silverville)


With Watcher now in post-prod (composer and editor), I've started on the pre-prod for feature-film number 2, to be shot this coming summer. The Synopsis (under its working title) and Treatment are here together with the first draft of the screenplay. It is a 19th century costume drama (aargh!). The location owners are really very kind though and are giving me a go.


Shot my 1st feature Watcher this summer... never had so much fun. All cast and crew completely brilliant.

I'm not allowed to show you any of the footage as I am putting in for international festivals etc., but the crew took clips with iPads and phones and here they are.


Had great fun this spring trying to sort things out for my 1st feature film.

Used this wiki with Star Now and The Big Idea. Also, used my iPad and did txt and IM to chase people up.

(Music Video)

Here's a vid I had to make for Media Studies. I only got a Merit for this as my shots were no good and looked too hand-held. Still you can have a dance to it.

Make Do and Mend

Shot this whole short ages ago, last December. Been trying to edit it in time for the Outlook for Someday competition, but, ran out of time 'though ( with revision and exams) and missed the deadline. I've just put some of the early scenes here to give you the idea.

14 Years Old

Basically, this year, so far, I've done three competitions and some other stuff, like vlogs and things. Have decided to do something more meaty, though, as have a cool storyline I want to make as a feature.


Here is the screen-play for my first feature film - ta da! .

Make Do and Mend

This is the script for my short. I shoot this as soon as I break up in December ('12).

Vlogs for the Sustainability Institute Foundation

This little vlog was done for the Sustainable Institute Foundation of which mama is the founding trustee. These vlogs constituted the source of my pocket money for the year;)
Sadly the SIF had to fold due to illness, so I can't show these shorts, but here is the info vid I made for it.

Dirty Habits

This is my second entry to the Outlook for Someday competition. The film takes a look at unsustainable behaviour in the past and ends showing one possible result of cutting down the rain forests - that we will have to make our own air.

Dangerous Island

I made this film for the Auckland Libraries film competition. The competition was to create a video trailer for a book.

13 Years Old

I started off writing a script for a film called the Moon-dragon’s daughter. At first, my actors were going to help and we got some shots, but then one had family problems, and others told me that they were too busy. In the end, I got so down about it that I gave up on it and started another script (Marooned). I've also put up another couple of pieces of work I've done for school and a charity

Moon-dragon’s Daughter

Here is the script and a taster of the film.

School film for Spanish

These are bits of homework that was sprung on me and I managed to get done in one sitting. I hope you can speak Spanish.


Had fun juggling with actors' availability, canoe hire and the weather with this short.

12 Years Old

This is my first films made in New Zealand. Green Guerrillas was made first, in my evening, and week-ends. Kiwi-saver though, was done during, and for our Financial Literacy lesson, using one of my actresses from Green Guerillas.

Kiwi-saver school film

We had fun doing this. We got together to write the script. It was shot with a flip camera which made MP4s. My old version of Sony Vegas did not know what to do with these, so I converted them into Shawms. The teacher is going to use it as an example to his next year students.

The Green Guerillas

I entered this for the Outlook for Someday competition. I wrote the music on my mobile phone, but then had to film the phone playing the music so that I could get it into the computer

11 Years Old

I wanted to make a film with my school friends during the summer holidays. I wrote one but I didn't like it. It never even deserved a title (so it is called 'script one'). My second script Les Trois Fees (the three fairies) was better, so I started filming. Unfortunately, my cast kept mucking about - they enjoyed the dressing-up, but wouldn't do the script properly, so I had to give up on it.

Script One

to be loaded

This was my very first attempt at scripting. It is really annoying, but it is another packed-away thing. I hope to be able to dig it out some time.

Les Trois Fees

My first attempt at a film. I managed to dig up the script, and a few clips that show the home-made (but I think quite good) make-up and wardrobe.

10 Years Old

My very first ever films were shot using a Sony Handycam - one of the sort that you load a tape into the side of. My mum was really careful of it, but I managed to borrow it while we on holiday in the Yorkshire Dales and point it at the scenery. I was unable to get the cast to do anything but walk around a bit and eat the grass. The next time I was allowed to play with it was walking down the lane near home.

When I came to putting these clips on the site, I could not find them so, I suppose, they are packed with everything else in a furniture store in Auckland. I will have do some more digging! I will put them up when I find them.